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Are you being Powerful or Powerless?

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We Have A Daily Mindset Choice 

Everyday things that are out of our control happen all the time and they present us with a choice of how to handle them:

  • We can choose to allow the happenings of the day to control us by crawling into the peverbial “BED” of blame, excuses and denial 


  • We can rise above by grabbing the “OAR” of our life and taking ownership, being accountable and responsible for our life and our business


We Won’t Be Perfect – Need To Do Next Right Thing

There are also going to be times when we understand this principle yet life still gets the better of us.  I was in a meeting once with an owner of the company and some of the executive team and a VP said something that really upset me.  I was so angry that I excused myself and went to my office, got my stuff and went out to my car and started driving home.  As I was driving, I began to think what I would tell my wife when I got home.  I turned around, went back to the office and with my tail between my legs I went back into the meeting and excused myself for stepping out.  At first I was being powerless.  Then I stepped up and did the right next thing to be powerful.  

When We Mess Up, We Need To Make Things Right

Here is another example.  I implemented an email program to help me manage sending out messages like this to my TBC ActionCOACH Community but I messed it up.  It was sending a message about upcoming seminars and other events almost every other day and was not sending any value to my community.  I had people unsubscribing because it was feeling like spam instead of me providing value.  At first I blamed the program and lack of training but of course that was not helpful.  So I had to shift my mind-set and do the next best thing.  So I sent out an apology email and post on LinkedIn.  I now think I have it working properly (but time will tell). Finally, there will be times that we are not able to see the blindspots and will need others in our life to point out when we are in blame, excuses and denial.  

Do you have an accountability partner?  

May all of you take this to heart and choose to be Powerful going forward – here is another article on mindset.



Tim Campsall successfully ran companies ranging from $1.5M to over $500M and coached leaders in the corporate world for 28 years prior to becoming a business coach. He now works with successful and emerging business owners to lead and manage their organization through the complexities of a growing business while working less hours and making more money (working smarter, not harder). Tim coaches business owners to excel by learning to work on their business instead of in their business. Thus realizing the freedom, flexibility and wealth they went into business to achieve.