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The Only Failure In Life & Business Is

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Mistakes Are A Part Of Learning

Have you ever made a mistake in life?  Yes of course we all have.  Would you say you are an expert at making mistakes?  Isn’t that the way we learnt to walk?  We became an expert at attempting to walk and falling and stumbling until we eventually learned to actually walk.  And during that entire experience, we had people around us encouraging us, cheering for us, smiling and clapping and a whole host of other things that told us that we were doing exactly what we were supposed to.  That ‘failing’ was perfectly acceptable and fun and exciting.

Making Mistakes Is Discouraged When We Become Adults

So what happens when we become adults?  Why is it that failing becomes something that is discouraged?  Something we are taught to hide from others and go out of our way to avoid doing?  When we are in an environment that discourages failure, we actually don’t give our all.  We hold back out of fear.  

We Don’t Go All In Out Of Fear of Failure

In essence, we fail to participate out of fear of failure.  Only when we overcome that fear of failure are we at our best.  So in work and in life, I encourage you all to give 100% so that you will get 100% out of the experience.  Yes that means we will have failures along the way but the failures will be learning moments that make us stronger.  

Will You Commit To Always Give 100% & Not Let Fear Of Failure Hold You ack?  

Write me back to let me know you are making this commitment.

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