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The Formula For Life & Business Success

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We have likely gotten into business for ourselves because there are certain things that we want to have in life that we felt the business could provide better than if we worked for someone else.  

The ActionCOACH formula for success is BE x DO = HAVE

In order to HAVE the things we want in life, it requires us to DO certain things in our business so that the business is successful enough to provide the needed funding.  Then, in order to be able to DO the things that are required in the business, we have to BE a certain type of person.  Said the other way around, we need to BE the type of person that is able to DO the things that are required in the business for it to be able to provide the funding for us to HAVE the things we want in life.

Therefore, it all comes down to us.  Hence, Jim Rohn’s comment that we need to work harder on ourselves (our BE).  What skills do we need improve or learn?  What beliefs might we need to change?  What people might we need to stop associating with or start associating with.  Do we need to change our values or enhance them?  What behaviors are helpful and what are negative that we need to change?  

Running a business is tough.  As we all know, 80% of businesses fail. Therefore, we should put ourselves into a mindset of a forever student and begin a journey of continuous learning, growing, improving and enhancing our BE.  We need to invest into oursleves because we are the most important part of the above equation.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

The book, “What got you here, won’t get you there” by Marshall Goldsmith is a great read on this topic.  How many of you have had growth spurts on your business and then it has plateaued?  Going back to the formula for success, this can be explained by the idea that your BE was perfect for the past phase of the business but it is not what is required for the next phase.  So, we need to evolve our BE in order to excel at the next phase

As I wrote in my last article, WAYS TO GROW AS A BUSINESS OWNER, there are many ways for us to work on ourselves:

  • Reading books from successful business people (on your own or joining a book club)
  • Going back to school 
  • Joining a networking or mastermind group
  • Attending a seminar, workshop or conference
  • Hiring a coach


Acting as your virtual coach, my question to you is:

“What step forward are you going to commit to implementing this week in order to put this tip into action?”

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