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9 ways to leverage time and set teams up for success

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In talking with over 100 business owners in the past couple months I have heard a couple common themes:

  1. I am wearing too many hats and don’t have any capacity to take on more but the business needs more from me.
  2. My team are not able to do the job as good as I do it and it is just easier for me to do it myself


Setting Up Systems Is The Solution To Both Of These Challenges

The ActionCOACH definition of systems is Saving Yourself Time, Energy & Money.  About 80% of the activities in every business are routine. So instead of having of having everyone do those routine tasks randomly each time, you want to standardize them by systemizing them.  That then frees everyone up to be about to focus the human touch on the 20% of activities that are not routine.  Not only will systematizing the business make things run more efficiently and effectively, it also helps your team to be able to do their job as good as (if not better than) you.  The reason for this is they have a system to follow instead of all the information being in your head.  So let’s explore the 9 steps to build a systemized company.

Create An Inspiring Vision And Write It Out

You need to develop a purpose for your company that is bigger than making you money.  What is the company why?  The greater good that your company does for the world.  Said differently, what is it that inspires you to jump out of bed everyday to come to work that will also inspire and enroll your employees?  This should be something that is lived everyday, not just written on a wall and forgotten.

Develop A Mission That Explains The How You Will Deliver Your Vision

Next you need a mission which is the roadmap to your vision.  It is more specific to your industry and your company and provide more clarity of how on a day to day basis you will execute your vision.  

You Also Need To Write Out The Culture You Want For Your Company

When you think about the ideal culture you want for your company, you should think about values that you are important to you, values that are important to the business succeeding, values that are important to your customers and values that are important to your team.

Write Out The Goals For Your Company

You need to have clarity of what your company looks like when it is finished – what is the ultimate goal you are working toward?  From there, you need to break this down into 5 year goals, 3 year, 1 year, quarterly and monthly, weekly and daily.

Determine Key Milestones In Achieving Your Goals

You should set up a regular cadence of checking in with your team (weekly or bi-weekly) to see how they are tracking against expectations.  You will praise them for the things they are doing well and course correct them on the things they need to improve.  At a company level, you should review your business on a minimum of a monthly basis to see how you are tracking against your goals.

Create Your Company Organization Chart

It is important to write out what the organization chart will look like for your company when it is finished.  Then over time, you will remove your name from that role and replace it with a future employee you hire.

Every Position Must Have A Job Description (Contract)

Each role within your future organization chart should have a job description so that you have clarity on what that job does and how it fits into the overall plan.  

Every Position Needs Key Performance Indicators

Every role in the company must have key performance indicators that are able to be measured to show if the employee is meeting expectations or not.  They key performance indicators should tie directly to delivering upon the company goals.

Training Is Key

Each process, procedure and task within the company should have some type of training developed for it.  That way, after you initially train employees, they have this reference to refer back to when they forget something.  

Acting as your virtual coach, my question to you is:

What step forward are you going to commit to implementing this week in order to put this tip into action?

Please email at timcampsall@actioncoach.com and let me know…

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