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Learn why small businesses must have goals

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Wow, there are only 2 months left of the year.  By this time of the year you should have a solid understanding on whether you are going to hit your yearly goals or not.  You also be starting to think about setting your goals for 2022 as they should be completed in December.

Or you might be like many business owners I have spoken to who don’t have a yearly goal.  Remember that what gets planned and tracked is what gets achieved.  If you don’t measure it, it likely won’t get done.  So, begin with the end in mind by setting your long term goals for your company (i.e. what does the business look like when it is done).  Then set the 5 year, 3 year, 1 year, quarter, month and week goals.  Then on a quarterly basis, develop your action plans to deliver the goal and put a tracking mechanism in place so that you always know if you are track to hit your goals or if you need to course correct.

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