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Reasons why business seminars and books don’t work for you

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Have you ever been to a seminar or a conference where you got extremely excited about the new learning?  Have you had the feeling that you can’t wait to get home to start implementing these new concepts?  Then, over time, you are dissappointed that these new ideas didn’t turn out the way you thought they would and you stop doing them and become frustrated?

I hear this a lot when it comes to seminars, conferences and even business books.  The reason this happens is actually not because the ideas don’t work.  It is actually because of the four steps to learning.  When you come out of the seminar you feel very good about the new learning and your ability to implement it.  What you don’t realize is that you are actually incompetent at that new behavior or skill or discipline (unconsciously incompetent).

When we are not consciously aware that we are incompetent at the new activity, we incorrectly assume that the new activity doesn’t work and many of us discard it.  Instead, if we become aware that we are incompetent, we can then focus on practicing the new skill.  Generally, it takes 6-8 times of practicing the new skill to even start to do it right and feel comfortable with it.  Then it takes many more times of doing the new activity to become competent at it.  As we continue to practice it, we get better at it and our confidence increases until we reach the stage of being conscious that we are now competent at the new skill.  

Then over time, the new skill becomes something that we do automatically without even thinking about it (unconsciously competent).  Eventually things will change in our business (growth, bringing on a team, entering a new market, etc) where that skill may not be enough anymore and we hit the unconscious incompetence again.  Another way to explain this is the book “what got you here, won’t get you there”.  So as our business continues to grow, we need to continously focus on growing as a business owner/CEO/Leader.

A good illustration of this concept is driving a car.  Remember before you first started to learn how to drive a car, you didn’t know that you were going to be bad at it?  Then you expereinced your first lesson and you probably swerved back and forth because you were looking at the very front of your car.  It took time for you to learn how to do it well and now you don’t even think about it because it is so automatic.  That changes when you go into a new city that you are not familiar with and need to look for an address.  In that situation, you may have to turn the radio off and pay extra attention because the environment is so different.


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