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4 steps to make your dreams come true

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Have you heard the phrase that “A vision without action is just a dream”?  Well the good news is that not only is it ok to have a BHAG (big hairy odacious goal), it is actually highly encouraged.  The key is to follow a proven methodology of turning those dreams into reality.

The way we do that is by following 4 simple steps on a regular basis:

  • Idealization: We start by stretching our mind with the possibility of what could be.  We are taught be conservative and to under promise and over deliver but that truly limits us from what can be.  So instead, focus on what you believe to be ideal in your life.  Choose that it is already yours.  
  • Visualization: Picture your ideal as if it is already true.  Imagine the feelings you would have if you already had it.  Believe that it is already yours.  Remember, your sub-conscious cannot decid what’s real and what’s not, so keep planting the right seeds.
  • Verbalization: List 20 positive “I AM” statements about yourself and your life as you chose it to be in Idealization.  Repeat each and every statement about yourself at least twice a day with passion.  You must state it in the present tense or ‘in the process of…’.  Be passionate and the more often you do it the better it works
  • Materialization: The seeds you plant in your mind will grow and manifest.  More energy and emotion brings your goals about faster.  You must truly believe and energize your RAS (reticular activating system) for this to work.  And remember that you can only DO what you Are and you are what you Think….so visualize often.

If you are like me, the first time you read this it will sound very weird.  You might even decide to dismiss it as I did at first.  However, as I’ve started to implement this, I have experienced a change in my mindset that has led to a change in results.  It has been slow at first but as I see it working, I believe it more and do it more which is causing more momentum.  It is a bit abstract for me but it works so I’m going to continue to do it and encourage you all to do that same.

Our mindset has a very significant impact on our success.  This is a very practical way to positively impact our mindset daily.  


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