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It is critically important to set goals

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Watch this video to learn why it is so important to set goals in your business.  Setting goals is probably common sense to many and you might be thinking, I already know I need goals.  I’d still recommend watching the video as it provides a perspective that most don’t know.  

For those who may not be regularly setting goals, when you do set goals you need to ensure they follow a framework like the SMART one above.  If they don’t follow a framework like this they aren’t really goals, they are just dreams.  You then also need to ensure you have action plans in place against these goals to ensure that you follow through on working toward them.

Ideally, you’d develop your quarterly goals the month before the quarter starts.  So in the beginning of December you should set aside a full day to plan our 2020 year goals along with your Jan-March goal and action plans.  Then each person within your company should have KPIs (key performance indicators) that are tied to the goals and action plans.  That way, you know that everyone is working towards the same end.  


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