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How to create a marketing plan that works

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I am sure you have heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” right?  The reason for that is obvious, if something happens to the one basket then you will end up with nothing.  This same line of thinking should apply to your marketing efforts as well…

I recommend that you implement a 10 x 10 marketing strategy philosophy.  Look to develop 10 different marketing strategies that each only make up 10% of your leads in a given month.  That way, if one doesn’t work you are not left with zero leads.

When I first introduce this idea to folks, I hear a couple concerns:

  • I can’t afford 10 marketing programs:  I’d challenge you that you can’t really afford not to have a robust marketing program if you want to grow your business.  With that said, not all marketing programs have to cost a lot of money.  Here are some cost effective ideas to consider: Join a chamber and attend networking events, join a networking group and build relationships with referral partners, post on social media, request coffee meetings with folks in your social network, call prospects, etc.  
  • I don’t have time to execute 10 marketing programs:  Again, I’d challenge you that you can’t really afford not to market your business.  At a very simplified level, a business has 2 job: 1st is to get customers/clients and the 2nd is to service the customers/clients.  Roughly 50% of the companies time should be spent in each area.  If you are just starting out, 100% of your time should be spent in #1.  So start small at first, implement 2-3 at first and as you feel more comfortable with those, continue to expand until you have 10 in place.

The key to this 10 x 10 approach working is that you also have a testing and measuring process in place.  You need to ensure that you have a way to measure your marketing to know if it is working or not.  Read here for more on this.


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