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Ways To Overcome Negative Daily Happenings

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Our mindset is so incredibly important to our success as business owners that I am going to come back to this topic once a month as a reminder.  The specific topic each month will be based on what I have experienced that month talking with business owners.  I’ll start with defining this concept.  For those who have been reading my tips for awhile or have attended one of my seminars, this should be a good reminder.  For folks who have recently become a TBC ActionCOACH Community member, this will be great foundational learning.

In every situation we are faced with throughout the day, we have the ability to choose to do something or not do something.  We call this the point of power.  Those who chose to blame, give excuses or be in a state of denial are below the point of power.  We say they have chosen to remain in the proverbial BED and cause themselves to be powerless.  Those who choose to be above the point of power take ownership, accountability and responsibility for the situation. We say they have chosen to take the OAR of their life and chart their coarse, causing them to be powerful.  Stephen Covey writes about this in his book “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” – he describes it as a proactive response or a reactive response.  That we have the ability to choose how we respond.  

Leading up to Christmas, I heard from many business owners that they weren’t going to achieve the results that they expected.  To that I always ask a few questions:

  • Did they have a revenue and profit goal for the year?
  • Were the goals SMART goals?
  • Were the goals broken down to quarterly and monthly goals?
  • Were the quarterly and monthly goals broken down to strategies and weekly action plans?

Generally, the answers I received was not a yes to each of these questions.  So my response, is don’t fall into Blame, Excuses and Denial.  Also, you can’t change the past, so learn from that past and what are you doing to ensure you don’t repeat those mistakes for 2020.  I challenge everyone to start the new year with a plan in place so that they can lead their company to success vs. following it to failure.  If you don’t yet have your 2020 plan in place, scroll down to learn about my GrowthCLUB on Jan 3rd.

We are not always going to have successful days.  In fact, everyday, we will have moments that punch us in the stomach both in our business and personal lives and we have to make a choice of how we will respond.  Often times, our emotions will get the best of us and we will respond negatively at first so the key is to quickly realize this and then make the right best next move.  Our mindset has a tremendous impact on the success of our business. So is there a better next choice that you need to make today?  Do you need to find an accountability partner to remind you when you are below the point of power?

The way we spend the first 59 minutes of our day will determine the way our day will be.  If we spend it thinking negative thoughts, then our recticular activating system will find ways to make those thoughts become reality.  So instead, make sure you spend your mornings reading your 20 I Am Statements to yourself.  The positive affirmations that will set you on the path for a positive day.

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