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  1. Tips on creating your Unique Selling Proposition
  2. Be proactive in your actions

    Be proactive in your actions

    Tue 7 Jan, 2020 12:50 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    A proactive strategy in a business involves anticipating changes in both your market and your competitors well before they actually happen. Pro-active management is practiced by successful entrepreneurs all over the world, and it can be a powerful tool for success in the right hands. By taking a proactive stance, you do not let things […]

  3. Take advantage of technology

    Take advantage of technology

    Tue 7 Jan, 2020 12:39 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    Video conferencing has been a staple of the corporate since the 1980s, and its use has slowly perfused into small business across America. If you are not convinced that video-conferencing is right for you, the reasons below will help persuade you to make the switch.Advantage #1: Reduced Travel CostsA significant advantage of video-conferencing for businesses […]

  4. Welcome to the TBC ActionCOACH Community

    Welcome to the TBC ActionCOACH Community

    Tue 3 Dec, 2019 09:08 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

     Welcome!  It is great to have you as part of the TBC ActionCOACH Community of CEOs, Business Owners, Presidents, Founders and strategic partners.  Our goal is to build a community of ambitious leaders who want to:Significantly grow the businessMake more money & work less hoursEliminate the chaos in the businessLeverage your time to maximize efficiencies and […]

  5. Happy Thanksgiving TBC ActionCOACH Community
  6. Reasons why business seminars and books don’t work for you